Dr. Danielle Reghi, DACM, LAc #AC183536

Dr. Danielle is originally from Hawaii.  Growing up on the beautiful island of Kauai she was introduced to natural medicine modalities as a way to maintain balanced health and wellness.  She never considered that someone could make a career out of the natural health and wellness field till she moved to Seattle Washington after college.  Her interested in working as a holistic practitioner really began when she was working in the Hotel industry in Seattle.  She would give her co-workers tips on diet and stress relieving practices, and people responded well. She began to see the effect that small changes could make on the working professional, and how satisfying that could be to a person.

Dr. Danielle holds a masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and a Doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine with a focus on Integrative Health.  She also completed a 7 week trip to Nepal where she volunteered as a practitioner for the Nepal Acupuncture Relief Project.  During her time in rural Nepal, she treated patients with an array of symptoms from Muscular pain, digestive complaints, Bells Palsy, reproductive health and more.  In a matter of 7 weeks she was able to treat 710 patients and see some real results and progress be made, which added to her excitement for holistic health principles.
Danielle joined Zen Space as a partner, and has not looked back since.  She loves the Zen community, and is excited to be part of the team!

Michelle Andrews

Michelle is the Owner and founder of Zen Space and Cupping Studio.  A native to Oregon, she began her healing journey with Acupuncture while she was in high school.  She was so astounded by the results she received, that she decided to pursue acupuncture as a career, and graduated from Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in 2016.   She has turned her passion for Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine into a passion for cupping.  She is the genius behind cupping studio.  Michelle believes that cupping is a fast, affordable, and effective means to treat pain, and that everyone deserves to live a pain free life!

Latina Cline

Latina is our billing manager and insurance expert.  We just don’t know what we would do without her.  You will see Latina in office most days of the week, and sometimes she even moonlights at the front desk, but really she is our behind the scenes rockstar.  If you see her around the office don’t hesitate to say “Hello”!

Dr. Nahinu James DC #5829

Dr. Nahinu is a board certified chiropractic physician and a trained Craniosacral therapist through the Upledger Institute. She was born and raised on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawai’i, and tends to channel her local upbringing into her discussions and treatments with patients. She has spent most of her adult life here in the Pacific Northwest – graduating from Pacific University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, and then earning her Doctorate of Chiropractic from the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon.

Dr. Nahinu is joining Zen Space after three years of practicing at other locations in the Portland area. It has been a dream to serve all those in need throughout the greater Portland metro over the years, but Dr. Nahinu feels a sense of coming home with the decision to return to the East side. While she enjoys treating all those seeking bodywork, Dr. Nahinu specializes in prenatal, postpartum, and pediatric care. Through multitudes of treatments with expecting mothers, she quickly realized that she wanted to be someone who put mom’s (and women’s health in general) first! She strives to maintain a safe and healing space, and works to meet your body where it’s at. Through her work with any who identify as a mother, Dr. Nahinu has witnessed the growth of many beautiful families, and has had the extreme pleasure of offering supportive and gentle care to the kiddos of her prenatal and postpartum patients. She is a member of the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association), and attends continuing education courses and seminars that place an emphasis on treatments and therapies for both the blossoming mother and infant.

When not at Zen Space, Dr. Nahinu is out gallivanting with her partner (Tyler) & husky pup (Nalu), reading for pure joy, or practicing health in mind & body with yoga, circuit training, and running/cycling. She is also bound & determined to learn how to create macramé wall hangings!

What does a treatment with you look like?

My goal is to help empower women, mamas, & mamas-to-be. I am here to offer a listening ear and therapeutic treatments, along with additional references & resources when needed. I firmly believe we are stronger as a supportive unit, and that each individual deserves to have an army of advocating care providers behind them. I also find no limit to the joy it brings me to assist littles in proper movement patterns and feeling more comfortable in their ever-changing bodies. Know that when you or your child are on my table, all of your concerns & needs come first. Everything else is secondary to providing you with the absolute best care towards a path & life of optimum health. You & your family deserve that. We all deserve such love & compassion. Here’s to bountiful, beautiful, and well-loved lives! I look forward to meeting you along the way & becoming a part of your healthcare tribe. Cheers! – Dr. N

Dr. Joshua Cooper DC #6019

Dr. Josh Grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii with a nurse mother and psychiatrist father, so healing and the mind / body connection has always been in his blood. On Oahu, he enjoyed ocean swimming, yoga, dancing and being active outdoors. Dr. Josh received a BA in psychology from UW, then next became fascinated with bodywork and started massage school.  His goal has always been to blend the mental component with the physical dimension. For over a decade he did deep tissue massage and trigger-point therapy before deciding to attend the University of Western States, in Oregon to become a chiropractor. Chiropractic and massage go together like peanut butter and jelly and through using these safe and healing modalities, he has witness some amazing improvements in his patients bodies. He has studied Shiatsu in Japan, Zen Trigger Point in Hawaii, and leaned some Thai massage in Chiang Mai. In Portland, he enjoys the beautiful green nature, hiking, yoga, and spending time with his friends out and about. He sometimes gets sad that he cannot swim in the ocean here and the long gray wet days are sometimes a challenge, but he finds joy working with the human body and helping his patients feel and function better. “You don’t know how much better you can feel, until you feel that much better” using his style of some deep tissue work with gentle adjustments, Dr. Josh is excited to assist and learn more from each new body he touches.

Katie Bowens LAc #AC197059

Katie is a licensed acupuncturist specializing in the treatment of acute and chronic pain and injuries including: shoulder and rotator cuff injuries, neck pain and headaches, low back and hip pain, chronic knee pain, wrist and elbow pain, jaw pain, and plantar fasciitis. She also holds special interests in treating digestive issues, painful periods, skin problems, and supporting your emotional wellbeing.

She developed an interest in acupuncture and Chinese medicine as a holistic system that addresses the whole being; and utilizes several modalities including acupuncture, massage, cupping, Chinese herbal medicine, and diet and lifestyle recommendations. Katie finds that using a diverse approach to treatment is highly effective for reducing pain and treating a litany of health concerns.

During your treatment, Katie will focus on providing thorough, individualized, and comprehensive care, to treat symptoms and to bring the whole being back into balance.

Katie earned her Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, in Portland, Oregon. She is board certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), and holds a license of acupuncture in Oregon.

Prior to starting her acupuncture career, Katie was a massage therapist for over 8 years. This experience helped her develop a thorough understanding of the human body, of common patterns of pain and injury, and she is excited to bring the skills and experience she developed as a massage therapist into her acupuncture practice.

In her spare time, Katie enjoys reading, hiking around the Cascades, cooking healthy food, spending time with family and friends, tending to her indoor jungle, and learning more about the fascinating world of Chinese medicine.

Samantha Weigandt, LMT #023498

Sam believes in the body’s ability to heal itself and utilizes her expertise to assist in this process. Through listening to the body and thoughtful communication, she has a collaborative approach of reaching the specific goals of her clients. Sam is a Portland native and East west college graduate. She has an education in deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, Thai, and myofascial release work. She often gives her clients self-care homework including foam rolling and simple stretches. In her free time you can find her exploring the beautiful PNW or curled up with a good book.

Jessica Niforos, LMT #21848

Jessica graduated from the Sarasota School of Massage Therapy in 2005 and has been practicing ever since. She began her work as a massage therapist in a chiropractic and wellness center and later broadened her experience working in spa settings. She loves the therapeutic work that comes from a wellness center.  She values the connection she has with her clients believing that it enhances the lives of all involved.

Jessica enjoys integrating a variety of modalities into her practice. She enjoys customizing treatments for specific needs of her clients. She likes to incorporate Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial, and trigger point for a well-balanced and unique treatment. She is a big believer in self care and is always happy to see her clients progress and change. Her ultimate goal is to help people feel pain free and comfortable in their bodies.

Jessica is a classically trained clarinetist who now plays just for the fun of it. She is also quick with a joke and loves to make people laugh until their sides hurt. She thinks that a good laugh is the best medicine for whatever ails you.

Kirstin Hoops, LMT #25706

Kirstin has a deep passion for holistic healing and wellness. She is inspired by Eastern models of healthcare, which acknowledge physical therapies including massage, chiropractic and acupuncture as preventative medicine. She believes that any person can take ownership of their own wellbeing!  Kirstin seeks to establish a welcoming, safe space where clients can truly relax, embrace bodily harmony, and become ever more comfortable in their own skin.

During her studies at East West College of Healing Arts in Portland, Kirstin specialized in Swedish and deep tissue massage techniques, as well as neuromuscular, Thai, and craniosacral modalities. She deeply values versatility in massage practice, because there are so many diverse methods that can be drawn upon to promote healing, and every body’s needs can be so different. As a result, her sessions are usually a combination of various styles woven together with a focused, personal attention to her client’s goals and response to treatment. After receiving licensure, Kirstin traveled to Chiang Mai, Thailand to further study Traditional Thai bodywork and spirituality at LoiKroh School of Massage and Yoga. She could not be more excited to be practicing at Zen Space, and to be giving back to her community.

Samantha ``Sam`` Romanowski LMT #24708

About Sam
Samantha is a lifelong student, having studied a variety of subjects from sociology and community/urban planning to Chinese Medicine. The common theme throughout her education (both formal and informal) has been a drive to study and understand people and to help them understand themselves. So when she stumbled onto the Amma Therapy program at The Wellspring School for Healing Arts, she knew that her career path would be forever changed. Amma Therapy has had a profound impact on Sam’s life, and she is so excited to offer her practice to this community, so that others may receive the benefits and feel the change in their lives as well. 
What is Amma Therapy? What can a client expect from a session?
Amma is a classic style of Asian bodywork that predates acupuncture. Literally meaning “push-pull” Amma is the oldest Chinese word for massage. Brought to the US in the 1970’s, Amma is a Korean based linage healing art, meaning that is has been physically taught and passed down from teacher to student over generations. 
Amma Therapy is an integrative holistic form of healthcare based in the principles of Chinese Medicine. Understanding that a disharmony or imbalance of our energy, or Qi (pronounced “chee”), can lead to a state of dis-ease within the body, Amma focuses on the movement and balance of that energy to both treat and prevent disease. 
By using rhythmic therapeutic pressure and point stimulation, an Amma practitioner relies on the strength and sensitivity of their hands to manipulate and invigorate the body’s Qi toward balance and harmony. In addition to bodywork, an Amma therapist may also use their knowledge of nutrition, herbs, and lifestyle practices as well as complementary modalities like Gua Sha, cupping and moxibustion to treat some health conditions. 
A typical Amma session lasts 60 minutes, with some time at the start to discuss health history, current health challenges and lifestyle habits. Throughout the treatment, assessments about a client’s health are made through discussion, questioning, observation, and palpation as well as tongue and pulse analysis. After the bodywork at the end of a session, there is additional time for discussion of recommendations, or “homework”. Typically, a client is given recommendations to incorporate into their lifestyle as a way to feel the continued benefit of an Amma treatment. 
In many cases, clients leave an Amma session feeling energized and invigorated, however it is not uncommon for some people to feel fatigued, hungry or slightly achy. These symptoms often resolve within a few hours. Because it is a comprehensive and holistic style of healthcare, many people experience additional benefits like improved sleep, better digestion and reduced stress in addition to relief from discomfort.

Isaac ``Geo`` Frank LMT #25691

Isaac “Geo” Frank was born and raised in rural Montana, surrounded by big skies, and ranges to roam. Having lived in the PNW for the past ten years, his passion for vocal performance and musical theatre had him working with the complex muscles of breathing and movement long before he would realize how passionate he was about them.

Becoming a fitness instructor at Barre3, Geo found that working with people in a partnership to strengthen and better understand themselves through movement, breathing, and meditation was his passion. In 2019 he graduated from his personal Hogwarts, East West College of Healing Arts.

Geo’s approach to body work is all about storytelling. What message is your body telling? What information are you giving back?

Through a focus on breath work, mindfulness, and hands on body work, Geo wants to help people connect with their bodies, move through their pain, and create goals and changes in order to be able to live life to its fullest. Whether deep tissue, myofascial release, or focused work on problem areas, Geo is always looking at a holistic approach to healing.

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